Izumi Pearl

Izumi pearls are also known as imitation, artificial, and cultured pearls. Their surface is coated with a pearl-like substance, which gives them a similar appearance to typical pearls made from shellfish or glass. However, their core is made from different materials, such as plastic or glass beads.

Glasswork and glass bead manufacturing techniques were introduced in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture, during the Meiji period. This led to the production of glass accessories, animals, and gusset needles, which became popular. Artificial pearls were later created using glass beads coated with pearl essence extracted from fish scales, such as cutlassfish.

As the demand for artificial pearls grew, they began to be made using the same shell core as cultured pearls, which resulted in a beautiful finish. These highly economical Izumi pearls were initially exported to many countries, including the United States and Europe, and have since become highly praised worldwide.

Izumi pearls are versatile and can be worn as fashion accessories for formal and casual occasions. They are used in various items such as necklaces, earrings, tie pins, cuffs, barrettes, and hair ornaments. Izumi City's artificial pearls have a national market share of more than 80%, making them a significant industry in the area. Satake Glass continues to supply the core raw materials, including glass rods and beads.

Izumi pearls are an excellent choice if you're looking for a beautiful and unique gift.

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