Size (diameter)Quantity / bookWhiteKiskaBlack pearl
3 mmContains approximately 266 pieces¥360¥390¥430
4 mmContains about 200 pieces¥360¥390¥430
5 mmContains approximately 160 pieces¥420¥450¥490
6mmContains about 120 pieces¥450¥480¥530
7 mmContains approximately 114 pieces¥490¥510¥570
8mmContains about 100 pieces¥530¥560¥620
9 mmContains about 90 pieces¥760¥790¥860
10 mmContains about 80 pieces¥1050¥1140¥1140
12mmContains about 66 pieces¥1890¥2410¥2620
14 mmContains about 57 pieces¥3040¥3300¥3400

Minimum Order Quantity

Bead size (diameter)MIN (minimum order quantity of one color)If less than MIN
3mm to 5mm50 bottlesPrice 30% up
6mm~9mm30 piecesPrice 30% up
10mm~14mmTenPrice 30% up

How To Order

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cash on delivery

Date Of Shipment

Shipped in about 2 weeks

Remittance Method

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