Burner Work Class/Dragonfly Ball Class

General Course

2 hours on the 1st and 3rd Saturday or the 2nd and 4th Saturday
This is a 6-time course. Most people use tickets their 6 tickets six times in three months.
¥15,000/person (¥2,500 x 6 times)

Advanced Course

1st Sunday of the month 14:00-16:00
We are currently recruiting students (those with 3 years or more of experience) for the Tonbotama Advanced Course.

Weekday Tombodama Experience Course

Weekdays 9:30~, 14:00~

Tour + 1 hour experience + 40 minutes slow cooling. (up to 15 balls)



Saturday Trial Course

第1〜4土曜日 10:00~、13:00〜

Sunday Trial Course

第2~第4日曜日 10:00~、13:00~