kerosene burner



Many craftsmen use it because it is high in calories, does not attract soot, and is easy to handle. Please purchase a blow dryer separately.
Made in Japan
You don't need to drill holes in the table because of the specification changes. Easy to set up and move
*It will take about 2 weeks as it is made to order.


It is dangerous if spilled, so please add kerosene after setting.
1. Connect the air volume regulator and air blow with a gas rubber tube. (Can be connected with general gas rubber pipes available at supermarkets, home centers, etc.)
2. Place the kerosene burner so that the air nozzle is in the center of the burner hole.
3. Add kerosene and wait for the kerosene to soak into the wick.
4. Light the wick
5.Put the cover on
6. Turn on the air blower
7. Open the air volume adjustment valve 3/4 to 1 turn (if you purchased the blower as a set from Satake Glass)
8. Please use the air nozzle and adjust the flame power by raising and lowering it and the air volume adjustment valve. A little soot may come out for about 5 minutes. After a while, when the kerosene has settled, open the air volume adjustment valve a little. If there is not enough air, soot will come out, and if there is too much air, the flame power will decrease again.
9. To extinguish the fire, shake the cover diagonally from side to side several times to avoid getting burned.
It can also be cleared by blocking the hole on the top of the cover with an iron plate or by removing it and blowing with strong air.
10. Turn off the air blower. *Please note that the cover is hot.






When you remove the wick, the flame gets stronger.

If there are lint or uneven pieces, please trim them.


- Inserting and removing the wick of a kerosene burner

Hold the kerosene inlet with one hand and hold the side.
Hit the top of the side in the air.


*The bottom edge is thin and easy to cut, so
Please be careful when hitting.

Tapping the top of the tank will bring out the lead, and hitting the bottom will lower the lead.
*If you hit too hard, the inner brick part may be damaged or the core may fall inside.

If you cannot remove the core by tapping it, try holding it down with a soldering iron or using pliers to pull it out evenly.

If you use it with glass fragments or soot attached to the refractory bricks or core, it will cause an unstable and bad fire.
If you take good care of it and make the air flow smooth, you will get a stable and clean flame.

Satake Glass (Utility model patent acquired)
If the refractory brick becomes uneven due to soot or dirt, use a fine file to smooth it out. The lower the center, the better.
It is better for the core to protrude a little beyond the firebrick. If the firebrick is worn out or broken, please send it back with the main unit.
We will repair it. (3300 yen including tax) Replacing the cotton core is 3850 yen including tax. Please also pay the shipping costs.


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